2009 March 11

Chanel - Paris Fall 2009

Chanel Fall 2009 Chanel Fall 2009
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(PARIS) It's black and it's white, but it's mostly black--pretty perfect tweed suits and dresses, Karl-ified with white lace and poplin collars as well pleated arm and wrist adornments. The color punctuation came from sweet knit sweater pieces in Chanel's signature shade of baby pink and a pastel mossy green. Naturally, the textures were exquisite, and any woman hell-bent on chic will covet these clothes with gusto. A navy and black tweed style with an inverted front pleat best encapsulated the Fall look, which earned a modern touch from resin-heeled platforms with a heel interrupted by a deco jade band, which also appeared in pendants. The focused collection will appeal strongly to both jeunes and Chanel habitués--a smart approach in times that require it. The missing piece? Bags, which never fail to enchant bottom line-minded buyers and the editorially-focused as well.