2008 March 3

Chanel - Paris Fall 2008

Chanel Fall 2008 Chanel Fall 2008
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(PARIS) Roll Call: Claudia Schiffer, Robbie Myers, Mario Testino, Linda Wells, Michael Fink, Amy Astley

Chic Report: Chanel's Fall 2008 show was a tribute to the brand's glamorous past, hence the staggering carousel smack in the middle of the space decorated with staples like camellias, pearls, and quilted bags. Models walked the circular runway and then boarded the merry-go-round (all the better to appreciate the looks, one last time) flaunting something-for-everyone looks like little sweater dresses, lacy blouses with black trousers, and sweet berets. The iconic Chanel suit got an update, with skirt-and-jacket combos in washed-out tweed, kimono sleeves, and skirts with longer proportions. "I loved the jackets, the layering, and the bi-color tights were really chic," said Neiman Marcus's Ken Downing. "But really, how could you not love a collection in the Grand Palais with a carousel in the middle of the show?"