2008 January 24

Elie Saab - Paris Couture Spring 2008

Elie Saab Couture Spring 2008 Elie Saab Couture Spring 2008
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(PARIS) If there has ever been a designer more deserving of the title "King of Bling," Elie Saab just about runs circles around his couture colleagues. In what easily could have been an ode to the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, the Beirut-based designer sent out one dizzying--and dazzling--couture confection after another--each one more heavily loaded with sequins and crystals as the procession of 56-looks continued.

So intense was the wattage this season that a sunglass sponsor--particularly of the Victoria Beckham or Nicole Richie variety--would have had a lucrative field day with this show, where variation was not the name of the game. But one cannot deny Saab's unabashed ability to stick to what has made him one of the most popular evening wear designers in the world. These dresses, awash in blues, pinks, yellows, and silvers and slit daringly up-to-there in a sea of light silk, chiffon, and satin, have become signature trademarks that his clients have come to rely on for red-carpet affairs. One dress was so heavy it made a clunk reminiscent of a prisoner's ankle shackles. The Elie Saab woman does not cover up; rather, she's just as capable as lunching with the ladies in Chanel (she just happens to swath a larger bosom behind her fabric).