2010 September 13

Runway Reviews: Rebecca Taylor, Staerk, Rebecca Minkoff, Timo Weiland

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2011 Rebecca Taylor Spring 2011
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True to form, Rebecca Taylor delivered a series of pretty, pretty pinks, blushes, purples and blues in teeny florals, swiss dots and snakeskin prints—for extra oomph and edge, of course. The dusty rose palette grounded the collection, keeping it from veering too far into the girly, frothy realm. Sweet touches like scalloped edging served as a reminder that Taylor knows how to lure in the youthful, feminine girl who is desperately searching to pepper her closet with just the right amount of cool.

Camilla Staerk is obsessed---so obsessed with the the French interior designer/architect Andrée Puttman that she studied all of her books and based her collection on Puttman’s trademark use of simple lines, monochromatic palettes and graphic structured design. The result was a stunning and tightly-edited collection of looks that could have easily come from a Helmut Newton photography book. Some of the minimalist standouts included an embossed alligator leather cropped kimono top, a black and white dolman-sleeved silk dress, and a swimsuit with a sinewy lacquered cut out in the center. Edgy, deliberate and a bit film noir, the architectural-inspired silhouettes were strong and sensual with a razor sharp edge.

Having already moved effortlessly into womenswear, the question for Rebecca Minkoff is, what’s next? She is on quite the roll, traveling down a new avenue what seems like every day. Speaking of traveling, Minkoff was inspired by the bohemian vagabond with a dash of 1970s glamour appeal. In addition to the peripatetic lifestyle, Minkoff was interested in the notion of wearability and getting the most mileage out of pieces in your closet. She caters to all sets, and explained, “I wanted very easy silhouettes. There’s nothing that’s not flattering and it’s all effortless fabrics.” And so then, what is up next for the designer? “A store! That would be fantastic to have a store by next year,” she smiled.

Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein are on the move these days, and most recently they found themselves under the tents for their Spring 2011 collection, consisting of 21 looks of both men’s and womenswear. The designing duo admittedly adore a nautical reference, and they drew on the calm serenity life by the ocean, using bold color to create a playful, vibrant spirit. Yellow lace and tulle cocktail dresses felt party appropriate while printed raincoats and a striped boxy blazer were sophisticated but also weekend-ready. Bright red tie knit shorts and sailor pants brought us back to the wide open sea.