2009 September 12

Lacoste - New York: Spring 2010

Lacoste Spring 2010 Lacoste Spring 2010
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(NEW YORK) Lacoste may be known more for gator-emblazoned polos than couture, but that didn’t stop the sportswear giant from rolling out an over-the-top runway show. (When Alex de Betak’s on the job, what did you expect?) The show started, appropriately, with tennis whites: flippy skirts, slouchy cable-knit V-neck sweaters, and yes, a polo or two. But though the brand may be known for its preppy basics, the collection was surprisingly sophisticated. Wide-leg sailor pants, a Lacoste take on the harem trouser, head scarves, and both tailored and relaxed shorts made for array equally suited for a chic summer getaway as a tennis court.