2009 September 12

Bensoni - New York: Spring 2010

(NEW YORK) Bensoni’s objective this season was to take everything that is cliché (and even tacky!) about American culture, and transform it into whimsical but still wearable and sophisticated garments. Judging by the array at their presentation in Chelsea, they certainly succeeded. Polka dots were the print du jour in the ‘50s, but Sonia Yoon and Ben Clyburn Channing translated the preppy print into everything from a darling skirt to a perfectly adorable one-shouldered, full-skirted dress. Aside from the spots, there were stripes, nautical details, and rose prints (the rose is the national flower of the United States, you know)—but not everything was quite so sweet. One innovative print came from a photo of crushed Coke cans. Another American cliché, certainly…but who knew it could translate so well to the wardrobe?