2009 September 11

Ports 1961 - New York: Spring 2010

Ports 1961 Spring 2010 Ports 1961 Spring 2010
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(NEW YORK) The quiet success of designer Tia Cibani is no doubt due to her uncanny ability to bestow a retro-Zen, calm chic upon everything she touches. The result is, more often than not, simply resplendent clothes that stay faithful to a very confident designer's sensibility rather than pass trends.This was a standout season for Cibani that should position Ports 1961 among the most shoppable of the Sprin 2010 collections. "I wanted to have a little discipline," said the designer about her cream, camel and chocolate palette. But there was a distinctive pop of cherry red that radiated from the models eyelids, leapt out from a sheath dress and perched on tips of sting ray platform shoes.A little discipline. A lot of talent.