2009 September 17

Toni Maticevski - New York Spring 2010

Toni Maticevski Spring 2010 Toni Maticevski Spring 2010
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(NEW YORK) In May, a potential Oscar nominee Abbie Cornish wore fellow Aussie Toni Maticevski's dress to Cannes and practically won the sartorial derby at the festival. That's, of course, this designer at his very best: making things that are truly organically artistic, emotional, and unforgettable. This current collection had its moments of soft couture brilliance and obvious over thought moments. "It all about reversal," the young designer explained. "It's about beautiful things dying. It's kind of a reflective, melancholy response to the times." While his vision is admirable, it worked better on a beautiful crepe blouses, metallic tops, and great skirts then on more over-styled and moody, noir ensembles. His grandiose ball gowns were a joy to watch and he clearly needs time to learn who do edit his great talent and not how to develop it.