2008 September 15

Project Runway - New York Spring 2009

Jerell Scott Spring 2009 Jerell Scott Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) It was, hypothetically, a reality TV fan's dream Friday morning at the tents as the six remaining Project Runway finalists all put their creations on display. There were hordes of PR alum, from the super-tanned Blayne, signing autographs for screaming pre-teen girls, to adorable new couple Wesley and Daniel, to favorites Laura Bennett and golden boy Christian Siriano. It's unfortunate, then, that the shows themselves fell so flat. Suede's was a Heatherette-esque nightmare of pink tulle and glitter, Joe's self-described "Americana" collection was a tacky mix of denim and leather, and Kenley's was a cartoonish take on Alice and Wonderland. The three least offensive collections were Jerell's, Korto's, and Leanne's; unfortunately, though, none of the three were particularly impressive. The other wow factor turned out to be a bust as well: Jennifer Lopez, slated to be the surprise guest judge, cancelled the day before the show, citing a "foot injury." Tim Gunn took her place. The show itself is certainly in transition, with its move to Los Angeles and the Lifetime Network next season; it's too bad it couldn't end its Bravo run on a higher note.