2008 September 12

Calvin Klein - New York Spring 2009

Calvin Klein Spring 2009 Calvin Klein Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) "I think I was just blown away!," raved current Fransico Costa muse Eva Mendes. "It looked like Frank Lloyd Wright sneaked into Calvin Klein studio and designed this collection. What an achievement."  The photogenic star wasn't by any means the only attendee sharing such sentiment. Some could argue this is Costa's best year yet. After winning his second CFDA award, he toasted the 40th anniversary of his brand with Sunday's superlative party--and now, the Spring collection will surely keep the acclaim and momentum going for months and years to come. An architectural collection, it featured impossibly beautiful angles, origami fantasies, and even silver-copper plated wire pieces. And of course, there were signature pieces that included impressive suits, knee high dresses, and lavishly tailored tops. The collection was impeccable, as was the rhythmic music that attracted a unanimously excited applause.