2008 September 11

Michael Kors - New York Spring 2009

Michael Kors Spring 2009 Michael Kors Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) True to form, Kors took his guys and gals to Malibu and Portofino this season. Free-spiritedness of 60s flower children, polka dots and gingham gave us “optimism” and “summer,” Kors explained backstage. The red, white and blue parade, however, wasn’t a total throwback. Kors sent an actual Lycra wetsuit down the runway as well as several garments inspired by such scuba garb: tricotine surf dresses and the bonded gowns of the finale looked ready for an Amalfi coast cool off. “Perfect Michael. Girly but still scrubbed clean,” said Cindi Leive, who’s obsessed with watching him on Project Runway because “He’s a producer’s wet dream. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a quote.”