2008 September 10

Betsey Johnson - New York Spring 2009

Betsey Johnson Spring 2009 Betsey Johnson Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) For her Betsey Betsey Land fashion show, Ms. Johnson decorated the runway with a blue background and yellow stars and in typical fashion, tables decorated the runway. Guests were treated to cupcakes with the initials “BJ” to enjoy during the show as well as baby blocks, a book for her run of show and huge lollipops. Before the show began, tunes from Sesame Street reverberated through the Tent and a huge door frame opened the runway. Her show was divided into multiple parts, showing looks that were at once both Scarlett O'Hara-inspired and very Lolita looking, followed by swashbucklers (lead by none other than Liam McMullan) and an array of handcuffed brides.