2008 September 9

Malandrino - New York Spring 2009

Malandrino Spring 2009 Malandrino Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) “I was inspired by a new dawn—the sun rising and the woman awakening,” cooed the sultry Catherine Malandrino, who now has 10 years and 9 stores under her belt. She wasn’t kidding. Graceful, mermaid-like looks and symbols of Americana abounded throughout. In case you were wondering, that Statue of Liberty print signified freedom, as did the famous flag dress Malandrino took her bow in. “These are the signifiers of a free woman in New York!” Malandrino explained. Though the overtness of her references made a statement all their own, the pale palette and impeccable beading and embroidery kept things sophisticated. Perfect for us modern patriots with jet-set sensibilities.