2008 September 8

William Rast - New York Spring 2009

William Rast Spring 2009 William Rast Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) What a way to introduce William Rast to New York: bring a bunch of city-dwellers into Roseland Ballroom and turn it into a literal Southern party, complete with wooden seats, a stage that opened from a wood porch, as well as leaves covering the ground so thickly that a model almost fell on them. "I'm a little overwhelmed," said Timberlake of his first showing in New York. "I'm pheklempt. We're excited. I feel like we're absolutely ready for it and just want to introduce ourselves. I think for New York Fashion Week for your first show it's enough for me to fit in. We're not trying to do something crazy, we just want to show who we are." Buckets of beers greeted guests at their benches for the show that was (unsurprisingly) full of denim. More surprising was the fact that Anna and Bee took their seats early and stayed, waiting for the masses to arrive as the show started almost an hour late. It began with the William Rast movie, which featured Timberlake and Erin Wasson as fugitives on the run, looking chic in –what else?- William Rast. "It was a whole new way of working," said Wasson of her experience. While post-show there were rumors of a Justin performance, the William Rast face didn't even show up to his private VIP bench to party with best friend Trayce (who rocked a shirt that said Music is my Life) and their bottle of Dom Perignon. Guests nibbled on delicacies from Southern Hospitality while chilling with their bottles of beer or Bourbon on the runway porch, waiting for a little JT crooning.