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Preen - New York Spring 2009

Preen Spring 2009 Preen Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) When guests walked into Espace for Preen’s show (celebrating their first anniversary of showing in New York) they were welcomed with sounds of music paired with static and glasses of Veuve Clicquot, thanks to the Topshop pop-up bar. While the duo was down one because Thea stayed home, pregnant, Justin Thornton showed their collection for the both of them. It began with a juxtaposition of white versus denim, with light white dresses with cutouts and see-through fabric, then denim pieces with hardware and visible zippers. "We looked at tribes so like African tribes with body paint," explained Thornton. "Then we wanted to add in a Jimmy Hendrix feel, so all the lacing and the frills came from Jimmy. We wanted to take it further, so it wasn't so recognizable, so we did muted colors rather than purple swirls." The collection moved into cream colors, and a bright red, followed by black frocks that were full of sparkle detailing and lowered hems with sheers. Confusion filled the space, though, when at the end, no designer came out to take a bow. " I just couldn't do it, explained Thornton. "It would feel almost disloyal."