2008 September 6

Rag & Bone - New York Spring 2009

Rag & Bone  Spring 2009 Rag & Bone Spring 2009
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Marcus Wainwright and David Neville instituted couple of changes for the Spring 2009 collection: they moved the show to the urban Siberia on 12th Avenue, tightened up the seating, and used 46 different models in their punk rebellion-inspired collection. Consequently, the models had a lot of free time backstage to admire their leather vests, trousers, one-shoulder dresses, blazers and mini skirts. “I think I don’t only speak for myself when I say that this is one show where all the models want to take absolutely everything home with them,” assured Coco Rocha. And who could blame them? The Rag & Bone show has become a seasonal model paradise where the backstage area has become reunion central - complete with music, clothes exchange, and personal encouragement from the designers. Front of the house did not disappoint either. Charlize Theron made a dramatic entrance and immediately created a mini protective Wall of China around her to shield herself from all the foreign microphones. “What makes these designers so great is that you can run errands in these clothes and then go to some wonderful party later,” she said after the show. And Kelly Osbourne, who sucked on a cherry lollipop for most of the showing, could fool us all by becoming the most eloquent celebrity critic: “They are masters at androgynous wear,” she confidently stated, correctly echoing the seasoned sentiment.