2007 September 11

Calvin Klein - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008

Calvin Klein Spring 2008 Calvin Klein Spring 2008
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(NEW YORK) There is a new Jil Sander-like magic in the fashion world, and it is coming from Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa. Ever since the best days of Jil, circa mid '90s, the runway has not seen a collection that so seamlessly brings purity and modernism together. Calvin Klein's spring collection unfolded like silhouettes on the Manhattan skyline, a testament, no doubt, to Costa's architectural sensibilities, changing the landscape of the season from ruffles, ribbons, layers, and safari prints to the leanest meanest chic a truly modern woman can hope for. The edgy stark white grouping set the message straight from the start, leaving the floral joys of the week in the dust . Silk flowing T-shirt dresses were an entirely new statement of classical refinement. As in past seasons, Costa's designs create a simple and yet ever so complex debate: is fashion meant to reveal the spirit of today's woman, or to conceal it? He also uncannily delivers, season after season, collections that  make the case for a monochromatic and pure aesthetic.