2010 February 16

Runway Reviews: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs, Fall 2010 Marc Jacobs, Fall 2010
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(NEW YORK) It's oh so quiet. For Fall 2010, a nostalgic Marc Jacobs showed a heavenly collection of separates, mostly, that made the women in the audience dream of delivery dates. These aren't the kind of "statement" pieces that Jacobs has been producing for the last several seasons--they speak very softly, but carry a lot of weight. PVC trenches with Mongolian lamb collars, sumptuous A-line circle skirts, supremely tailored overcoats…what woman doesn't want to look like this? For even flashier dressers will find plenty to love in the fur-covered bags, layered lingerie looks, and lame evening gowns (especially the one worn by Frida). This is the Marc that shoppers know and worship, and come this summer, they have reason to storm the stores--and it's not strictly for the handbag sale.