2010 February 14

Runway Reviews: Lacoste

Lacoste Lacoste
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(NEW YORK) Lacoste
The color kings at Lacoste once again showed they could color block with the best. Dubbed ‘Sportswear Stretched,’ the collection was another step in bridging the gap between sportswear company and fashion heavy-hitter. The front end of the collection showed off pieces from the brand’s Club line which was primarily neutrals in order to let the form do the talking. Then the crowd got the vibrant sport-inspired pieces they were accustomed to. Few of the women’s looks were without ‘longjohn leggings’ which extended over the better part of the models’ shoes. Designer Christophe Lemaire described the leggings as his answer to sweatpants. Sportswear Stretched was about stretching form, and stretching a brand toward a new realm.