2010 February 14

Runway Reviews: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Alexander Wang
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(NEW YORK) Alexander Wang
How do you know if you matter in the fashion world? By whether you were at Alexander Wang’s runway show obviously. Opting for a celebrity-free front row, Wang packed the house with It-girls and every high-profile editor and buyer a young designer could dream of. Everyone else was forced to watch the show live-streamed on SHOWstudio or broadcast in Times Square.

Wang delivered to his powerhouse audience a reinterpretation of the suit he refers to as “Berlin schoolboy meets velvet du jour.” And by reinterpretation we mean completely ripping a suit to shreds and putting it back together in the subversively hip way only Alexander Wang could. Many of the suits, if you could call them that after they were given the Wang treatment, were cut to reveal stomachs and backs and short enough to show skin above thigh-high legwarmers.

Beyond the suiting, there hasn’t been this much velvet and chenille in a collection since the 90s—crop tops, skirts, jackets, wraps, leggings—but if anyone could bring it back it would be Alexander Wang and his horde of loyal followers. And no Wang collection is complete without a few perfect party dresses, which closed the show. A few girls looked ready to snatch a Grecian-inspired, asymmetrical gold jersey mini straight off the runway.