2010 February 13

Runway Reviews: Cynthia Steffe and Generra

Generra Generra
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(NEW YORK) Generra
With talented new creative direction at the helm—namely, Swaim and Christina Hutson, formerly designers of Obedient Sons and Daughters—Generra has been injected with a much-needed dose of verve. The 30-odd looks presented at Hiro Friday night were rendered in Snow White-inspired shades of hot pink, cerulean, pine, and acid yellow. Preppy-gone-trippy, there was plenty to covet. For the girls, colorblocked cheerleader skirts and draped velvet dresses proved immensely appealing, especially when considered alongside slouchy army-green parkas and lean grey leather leggings. Low-rise pleated cargo pants, tapered at the ankle, best exemplified how the Hutsons plan to make this brand a hit on the sales floor as well. As for the menswear? Well, it's destined for things greater than the pages of GQ. (No offense to Jim Moore, who was seated in the front row.) The refined sweatpants, cuffed chinos in unexpected shades like blood red, and groovy ways of mixing colors will infuse American fashion far beyond the fashion world. Expect imitators. 

Cynthia Steffe
“It all started when I was in Brooklyn and saw these cool girls and boys hanging out together," explained designer Sean Kearney. "The boys were dapper, and the girls wore military capes, pretty blouses and cute Mary Jane. The cool school uniform became the start of the collection." Pleats, knee socks and buttoned-up necklines were polished without a trace of juvenilia. Kearney’s schoolgirl sophisticate smartened up in a corset dress, shrunken suit or a chocolate vegetal leather vest. “I ventured into the world of knitwear with sweaters this season," Kearney continued. "It’s a whole new classification that I hadn’t touched on before. This is still the same girl from springtime, but she’s cleaned up a bit.” Clean and cohesive, Kearney’s vision was keenly calculated and yet playfully carefree.