2009 February 18

G-Star Raw - New York Fall 2009

G Star Fall 2009 G Star Fall 2009
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(NEW YORK) While some chose to match the gloom and doom of the recession with optimism, G-Star Raw met it head-on with a moody runway show. A piano pounded out a solemn dirge that accompanied stone-faced models, whose stiff arms and stiffer hair seemed akin to the marches of troops going out to battle. Uniforms of somber coats in military cuts and drop-crotch pants with tough zipper details and faux-rivets sliced through the fog that washed over the runway. The show wrapped with a surprise poetry reading from Benicio Del Toro. "That last fatal hour," he growled as all the models attacked the runway for a final, dramatic walkthrough. When the house lights came on and the models disappeared, the audiences' pre-show giddiness had been transformed into one of solemn introspection--a tone that so many less-ballsy brands shied away from, but one that G-Star found necessary and relevant.