2009 February 15

VPL by Victoria Bartlett - New York Fall 2009

VPL By Victoria Bartlett Fall 2009 VPL By Victoria Bartlett Fall 2009
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(NEW YORK) Victoria Bartlett stuck to her roots for her Fall 2009 collection, shown on Saturday at Focus Studios. Skinny pants, knits that simultaneously clung and draped, looped knit scarves, and--of course--layers, where undergarments are just as important as the outer ones. VPL's play-on-words (that's Visible Panty Lines, chicettes) may no longer be new, but her line of sporty, futuristic bras and undergarments sell alongside the rest of her apparel, and that will remain the case with her latest collection. She had specific inspirations--"There are a lot of references to the Picasso women, the surrealist times, how they kind of reconfigured the lines of where the body went," Bartlett said--but aside from voluminous, sculptural suits, body-print bodysuits, and human hair (yes, human hair) trim, it was the same VPL.