2007 February 5

Oscar de la Renta - New York Fall 2007

Oscar De la Renta Oscar De la Renta
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(NEW YORK) Forget "girls," forget "women,"—de la Renta's latest collection was designed with dames in mind. What, pray tell, is a dame? For one, she's physically self-assured; she doesn't have to show off her body to look good, but is conscious of her assests and confident enough not to hide them, tendencies typified by sumptous blouson-sleeved charcoal sweaters cinched at the waist and high necked sheathes with a structured tulip shape. Furthermore, she mixes taste with guts; she's not afraid of fuschia or bold metallic brocades or houndstooths, but she knows the power of a simple black dress.|page| But whatever name she goes by, she's all the contradictions real women have been clamoring for since the babydoll dress came back into fashion. We say: vive de la Renta!