2012 September 24

Milan Spring 2013: Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo

Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 Giorgio Armani Spring 2013
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(MILAN) Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani's Spring 2013 collection, entitled "Kaleidoscope", rocketed to the top of the runway charts Sunday with a covey of polished daytime looks set to the tone of a space-age journey. The dominant silhouette? Loose-fitting organza trousers on bottom, tunics on top, and a hip-skimming jacket to complete the trifecta. Variations played out in glittering aqua dresses over silky slacks and galactic, starburst prints atop flyaway chiffon blouses and pajama pants. A cosmic coupling if there ever was one. As for those bejeweled swimmer's caps? We'll leave that one up to you.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Chalk one up for Massimiliano Giornetti. For a designer who has only been at the Ferragamo womenswear helm since 2010, he's managed to inject some serious a-ha moments into the Florentine brand. For Spring, he took cues from the Gaucho, the strong and silent South American cowboys of the 19th century who trotted in on horses, wielding a facón when necessary. But this isn't your typical Gaucho with his typical staples--a weather-beaten poncho, a lariat, a rebenque (that's Wild West speak for leather whip), and baggy, bombachas trousers. Giornetti had a different horse rider in mind. More specifically, one that prefers black snakeskin pants, laced to the waist, supple gray crocodile shifts, and suede trenches. And most importantly, worn-in dust kickers were swapped for a pair of flat, over-the-knee peep-toe croc boots.