2008 September 26

Luisa Beccaria - Milan Spring 2009

Luisa Beccaria Spring 2009 Luisa Beccaria Spring 2009
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(MILAN) When does sweet become saccharine? Luisa Beccaria toes the line, but this season was a guilty pleasure. As the audience awaited the start of the show listening to chirping crickets, Beccaria sent her son Lucino and daughter Luna (along with two others) down the runway scattering rose petals. The looks were all flowers, ruffles, transparency, and raffia, but several simple (by comparison) pieces almost stole the thunder. An asymmetrical peach satin dress was a nice antidote, while a crochet short-sleeved frock (when worn with slip, please!) would please even a curmudgeon. Those who indulge Beccaria really worship her, as evidenced by a set of teary-eyed Italians applauding grandly in the front row. But with a dress like that violet ruffle-strewn finale gown, what's not to love?