2008 September 26

Fendi - Milan Spring 2009

Fendi Spring 2009 Fendi Spring 2009
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(MILAN) First things first--the bags and the shoes. The former consisted of a luxe pouch left cheekily open, garnished by a small handle. Almost Birkin-esque, it's a simple, un-It style, despite how many sell next season. The trompe l'oeil shoes consisted of full booties in nude hues and PVC with the outline of a dainty pump applied in a contrasting shade. As for the clothes? Karl Lagerfeld manages to execute the silhouette du saison just perfectly. For Spring, it's a stiff bubble skirt, Fendi-fied with laser cut-outs, several layers and loads of lace. Naturally, a belt is occasionally required, and these were wide patent styles that looked industrial rather than garment-like. The palette of taupe, black, ice blue and cream--with a few cerulean touches in the belts and shoes--was graced with rose and red during the five or so looks, when two rosette-strewn nude frocks added a dose of romantic abandon to this otherwise focused collection.