2008 September 23

C’N’C Costume National - Milan Spring 2009

CNC Costume National Spring 2009 CNC Costume National Spring 2009
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(MILAN) There was no need for X-ray vision at C'N'C Costume National, as transparency (clearly emerging as a key seasonal trend) reigned supreme. "The see-through effects and overlapping of layers in black, white and grey reveal the structure, the construction of every piece," said designer Ennio Capasa, who showed his collection at the Milano Moda tent with thumping beats courtesy of M.I.A. Everything from leggings (fishnet) to suiting (sheer nylon-backed jackets) was sheer and full of sheen. Capasa's signature hues--white, black, and many shades of grey--appeared in his signature pieces, namely treated denim, fitted jackets, and basic dresses rendered slightly off-kilter thanks to a pleat here, a tuck there. The bags all had hanging shoulder straps in an homage to the urban, techie look the brand has mastered. These basics are not what they seem.