2008 September 23

Giorgio Armani - Milan Spring 2009

Giorgio Armani Spring 2009 Giorgio Armani Spring 2009
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(MILAN) It was a legitimate fashion moment--the strongest collection in recent memory that reminded the fashion world (because le monde at large has never forgotten) that Giorgio Armani is the ne plus ultra of Italian fashion. The show at Armani HQ began with two-button blazers and satin striped pants, but the mood instantly relaxed when Armani sent beige baggy trousers down the runway, inaugurating the conceal-to-reveal theme that made this season his sexiest one in ages. Everything from the flyaway cropped silver sequined shrug jacket to the long beaded sheath dresses worn over sheer gypsy-style pantaloons was imminently wearable. Nearly every piece exuded a particular brand of glamour, which came courtesy of the mid-century, circa Katharine Hepburn. In fact, the style was perfectly Hollywood, as best exemplified by Cate Blanchett in the front row. Every starlet could find herself on a best-dressed list in these glorious clothes, and even if they all appeared at the Oscars ensemble, each would boast her own divine identity. It was one for the ages, Mr. Armani. We will never forget it!