2009 March 2

Prada - Milan Fall 2009

Prada Fall 2009 Prada Fall 2009
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(MILAN) At last, a designer who dares to defy! But then again, it's always modern at Prada, and despite the near-traumatic seating experience (which topped even last season, due to the smaller venue and addition of rafters), the designer cultivated a crowd of believers. The first statement was a literal one of survival, with thigh-high leather waders (often heeled) drawing a metaphor for fashion's need to proceed through the mucky stuff. That borderline funny footwear was juxatposed with very serious clothing, including boiled wool coats paired with slit skirts, a V-necked fur tunic in an ominous shade of blood red, and even a pair of brick-colored mink bloomers. The sinister vibe--underscored by the glittery red eyes--did have a lighter side, namely those feathered Mary Janes that will have shoppers swooning come August. "I was drowning with delight," summed up Elle's Kate Lanphear, citing the powerful effect of a warbling, surreal soundtrack with such focused, intense clothes. More succinctly? "Now this is why we come to Milan," said one top editor while exiting into the rain.