2008 February 19

Derercuny - Milan Fall 2008

Derercuny Fall 2008 Derercuny Fall 2008
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(MILAN) Roll Call: Michael Carl, Annabel Tollman

Chic Report: This season, designer Mina Lee was feeling very "Guinevere-meets-Miss Saigon," presenting a collection full of romantic silhouettes reminiscent of the Middle Ages and delicate, Asian-inspired brocades. Hye Park opened the show in a pouf-sleeved, gold-and-silver print dress, followed by Chinoiserie-patterned cocktail frocks, a series of sexy LBDs, and a high-collared sheer black blouse meant to recall a knight's uniform. An appliqued vest with coat of arms, fur collars, and gray accents gave admiral touches. "I didn't realize this was military school," said an amused Tollman.