2008 March 13

Elmer Ave. - Mercedes-Benz L.A. Fashion Week Fall 2008

Elmer Ave. Fall 2008 Elmer Ave. Fall 2008
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(LOS ANGELES) Roll Call: Lesa Amoore, Marta McGonagle, Cassandra Hepburn, George Blodwell

Chic Report: The title of Elmer Ave.'s fall show was "A Night of Tragic Emotions: Hopelessness, Betrayal, Anger, Faith"--and that pretty much sums things up! The show had a distinctly goth aesthetic, from the bracing punk guitar music of The Devil's Orchestra (so loud that a set of earplugs rested on each seat) to the Edward Scissorhands hair and makeup. Major moments included a crush of hand-painted blazers, fingerless gloves, spats, graphic vests, and vampy lingerie.