2007 October 22

Lela Rose - Bridal Spring 2008

Lela Rose Bridal Spring 2008 Lela Rose Bridal Spring 2008
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(NEW YORK) This season, Rose's presentation at the Intercontinental continued in her usual bridal vein, which is to say, not your typical one. "I wanted to see how you take nontraditional fabrics like burlap and seersucker and make them couture. And I wanted to make each dress slightly offbeat." the designer revealed. The dresses, named after places people wed--Dunes, Promenade, Stables, Abbey--didn't feature any of your traditional beaded fare. Instead a seersucker organza lent a preppy pinstriped look to an ethereal gown, and burlap was transformed into the most elegant of fabrics when paired with lace. "This collection is really tactile," said Rose. "I wanted it to be elevated and thoughtful, and also fashion-forward." And it was. The Promenade was a particular standout--the silk organza dress with ruffled neck was pure insouciant sophistication, down to the ribbons casually hanging from the neckline.