2008 April 15

Lara Hélène - Bridal Fall 2008

Lara Hélène Fall 2008 Bridal Collection Lara Hélène Fall 2008 Bridal Collection
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(NEW YORK) Turkey and London might seem like odd reference points for a bridal collection, but this season that is exactly where Lara and Lisa Hélène Meiland looked for inspiration. Fusing the luxe opulence of summers in the Mediterranean and the understated ease of British evenings on the town, looks were rich and elegant in an understated way. Simple sheaths were reminiscent of beautiful lingerie--the type of dresses that can transition from the dance floor to the honeymoon suite with ease. A ball gown in silk zibeline with a scalloped neckline was regal, while a silk brocade strapless cocktail dress is ideal for an afternoon wedding by the lake. But Lara Hélène’s strength lies in construction and this season’s silhouettes certainly evoked a reserved confidence.