2012 September 12

Shot of the Daily: Bestey Johnson and Cyndi Lauper Hug It Out!

Betsey, pre-cartwheel, with Cyndi Lauper and daughter Lulu Betsey, pre-cartwheel, with Cyndi Lauper and daughter Lulu
Patrick McMullan
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NYFW's fun-with-a-capital-F moment was, clearly, last night at chez Betsey. Snapped during the finale to Betsey Johnson's 70th birthday bash-retrospective hybrid (with as many looks as years she's been kickin' it! WHEW! Hope you brought some Red Bull to drink along with those petite, straw-studded bottles of bubbly.) So what's happening, exactly? Well, Betsey's about to do a split-finished cartwheel (obvi), she and Cyndi Lauper and their equally as outlandish coifs (So many crimps! So much blonde! So much room for secrets!) are hugging on for dear life, and she's surrounded by balloons and confetti and lots of braless mods in white tanks emblazoned with "Guys Love B.J."—those are her initials, too, for those gutter-minded folks out there. Is it even possible to cram more joy into one frame than this? Chic's going with a resounding 'no way, Jose'.