2010 September 24

Runway Reviews: Prada, D&G

Prada Spring 2011 Prada Spring 2011
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(MILAN) Prada
Most designers don’t serve marzipan to guests after their show. Of course, most designers don't send neon fox stoles and dresses imprinted with monkeys and bananas down the runway, either. Miuccia Prada’s collection played in several different keys, adding up to a Spring show that was intelligent, mischievous, and preposterous all at once. The Prada girl for Spring 2011 wears everything from a sleek cotton LBD to a tiger-striped heel, to a royal blue suit, to a playful multi-layer wedge. The almost confusing variety ellicited audible pangs of desire in the front row...and just a few frowns.

The set for the D&G show at the Dolce Teatro looked like a slice of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The invites even came with packs of flower seeds. Yep, peonies, daisies and carnations were the theme of the duo’s spring effort, but with plenty of pastel restraint. The collection featured a whole lot of country classics: super-sized bags, beautiful sarafans, wide farmer pants, and hints of cozy denim. The standout looks included the hot lemon numbers worn by Frida and Joan, and several well-constructed apron tops. "English garden will never be out of style," concluded Domenico Dolce. "It doesn't matter what decade we're living in."