2010 June 4

Runway Reviews: Michael Kors Resort 2011

Michael Kors Resort 2011 Michael Kors Resort 2011
Giorgio Niro
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(NEW YORK) "It's all about banishing the word 'resort,'" instructed Michael Kors as he presented his, um, Resort 2011 collection to editors at his 42nd Street showroom yesterday afternoon. "If we could, we'd call it destination." Granted, Kors understands his customers so intimately that not only does he know their preferred means of wintering, he has probably even internalized their NetJets preferences. Happily, these women will find plenty of pieces to love at Kors' myriad boutiques, which number five at the collection level and too many to count otherwise.

The palette was mostly neutral shades of coffee, linen, cream, with plenty of ultra-washed, unlined snakeskin thrown in for good measure, while the silhouettes represented Kors' particular amalgamation of modernism and utility. And eco-minded types will be pleased to learn that Kors is using organic Italian cashmere, linen, Swiss lace, and cotton for the first time. "It took a lot of tries, and then even more tries," he laughed. "But we finally got there." And on that note, irreproachable cappuccino cardigans and matching tanks were juxtaposed with ultra-slim, java washed charmeuse trousers---"like dressing the arms on the legs"---and ultra-thin washed snakeskin minis. The snakeskin also appeared in slouchy, unlined boots, some of which came in suede and were decked out with an espadrille heel. Flat sandals are de rigeur, intended for w alking around Capri, Madison Avenue, Bhutan, or anywhere in between.

A destroyed silk duchess called "mudcloth" was nipped and tucked into easy day sheaths, which are accessorized with either an ultra-narrow wrap belt or a small, square leather bag. A narrow black trouser and tie-front silk blouse are Kors' idea of New Year's Eve-style black tie. An ombre cashmere dress, which transitioned from peach at the neckline to flame at the hem, was indeed like "sunset" in frock form. Overall, another strong collection full of luxe, wearable items from the American designer who does this lifestyle best.