2010 February 18

Runway Reviews: Tory Burch, Milly

Tory Burch Tory Burch
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(NEW YORK) Tory Burch
Tory Burch’s ultra-wearable confections have a way of enticing potential consumers and sending them into a giddy state of shopping delirium. Burch enthusiasts declared, “I have to have that!” more than once during her presentation Wednesday morning. Rich crimsons, royal blues and bursts of safety cone orange reminded the crowd that this was a Burch show, where color reigns. Fur collared army jackets, slouchy layers and hoods worn detached from the coat felt unfussy and nonchalant. Glittering lapel pins by Ben-Amun added a dash of sheen. A resplendent red v-neck frock, dripping in ruby sequins was evening-ready. Burch injected a distinct urban cool, as models bobbed their clad to Jay-Z while clad in mesh knitting, leather moto jackets and graffiti-printed skinnies.

Michelle Smith celebrates all that is ultra-femme, and this season, the collection highlighted that trademark while indulging a bit more whimsy than usual. The color palate was fit for a Francophile; navies, reds and whiles sailed down the runway, and models were topped off with pretty berets. Youthful, but never juvenile, Smith revels in all that is kicky and charming. She explained, “The theme of the collection is what’s classic is modern. I was very inspired by classic silhouettes, the color palette, and the mood was influenced by the films of Jean-Luc Godard.” While Smith toned down her last collection, even though the season called for a brighter palette, she noted that she is back to the brights.” This time I am very colorful. It’s all very, very vibrant.”