2010 February 12

Toni Maticevski

Tony Maticevski Tony Maticevski
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(NEW YORK) Toni Maticevski has his own seasonal cycles. For last spring, he splattered the runway with dramatic noir numbers. This fall, he produced a lighter and more romantic selection full of show-stopping silk tulle and chiffon evening dresses. But hey, he’s Australian (their summer is our winter) and he certainly plays by his own rules, which can be fantastic or puzzling. Puzzling because his shows encompass almost too many ideas in a singular season (like gold and black sequin bras mixed in with tube dresses and pastel skirts).  But the good news is that his evening can be truly spectacular and smart stylists could make their A-list starlet clients very happy with Maticevski organza sensations. He’s a definite talent that can only bloom with time and maturity.