2008 June 4

Stella McCartney - Spring 2009

Stella McCartney Spring 2009 Stella McCartney Spring 2009
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NEW YORK) Stella McCartney is no corporate drone. That message rang loud and clear on Tuesday, when the designer staged a lighthearted garden party at the Jefferson Market Garden on Greenwich Avenue to show her new resort--or spring, as she’s renamed it--collection.

“I guess it’s the English in me and the Yankee me; I wanted to kind of merge the two, really,” said the designer, joined by her American cousins, not to mention her American friends Kate Hudson, Jeff Koons, Steven Klein and Ed Ruscha. “The collection is trying to make it the staple diets of Stella--taking the things that I think are very us and styling them in a way that you can see that they’re being worn by girls that are really enjoying themselves in this kind of setting.”

Models, one for each of the 25 looks, traipsed about the intimate garden, lounging on benches and frolicking on the grass as they laughed, smiled, teased and poked fun (one even contorted her face to do an impressive impersonation of Mary-Kate Olsen). The clothes were mostly day looks, but they were equally as refreshing. Nude flesh tones, pale dusty pinks and pastels converged with charming nautical prints in the form of boat prints and an anchor intarsia sweater infusing whimsy. “For me really, I’m sort of high or low,” said McCartney. “I’m not brilliant at in-between.” Evening offered a handful of sequined dresses, as well as black silk jacquard tailoring which contrasted with black-on-black embroideries. Bow details, draped gently in duchess silks and silk gauze, were effortless. “Mother” was honored in the collection in the form of oversized broaches and necklaces.

The accessories were equally delightful: raffia shoes with cherries, pompom handbags and neon stiletto pumps, which proved to be a challenge for the models sauntering about on the grass--which was just fine as far as McCartney was concerned. “The collection is very pretty, and so it needed a bit of a kick up the ass with the shoes,” she grinned.