2007 June 15

Zac Posen - Resort 2008

Zac Posen Zac Posen
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(NEW YORK) Zac Posen took at trip to the '30s as well, but it was Art Deco he brought back instead. His show spared no flourish or sinuous detail, but judgments like "over-the-top" have no place beside such brilliant silhouettes. The skirts alone were fit for a feast—sweeping, wave-like mermaids, A-line ball gowns with hems that curled up as delicately as a flower's, accordion pleats with intermittent braids that made the fabric move like a mirage. He also showed off his assured hand as a draper, and the back of one onyx-glossy LBD draped down to the small of the model's back like a fast-unfurling storm cloud. |page| His bold jewel tones, which tended toward fuchsia and green, were put to perfect use on Deco-licious, daring color-blocked dresses. While many of his seniors use the cruise season as little more than a warm-weather place-holder, Posen made major strides.