2007 June 21

YSL - Resort 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent
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(NEW YORK) Everyone seems to be channeling painters in their collections these days, and Stefano Pilati is no exception, with rainbow Rauschenberg colors and vaguely Pollock-esque splatters making up the fabric of his most eye-catching pieces. Galleristas will opt for the aforementioned as well as more prim basics in the form of sheened blazers rusched at the sleeve, ready to ink that $1.5 million Curran sale. The black dresses qualify less as LBDs and more as SBD—substantial black dresses. Column gowns in black, cocoa, and water-colored blue hues drape majestically, making the wearer as statuesque as those standing in Florentine piazzas. |page|