2008 January 17

Twinkle - Pre-Fall 2008

Twinkle Pre-Fall 2008 Twinkle Pre-Fall 2008
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(NEW YORK) Twinkle's Pre-Fall 2008 collection fused whimsy and attitude for a refreshingly sexy feminine edge. "For fall we are working between urban chic and a more boyish look," said designer Wenlan Chia. "It's a mix of long drape-y silk and deep dyed silk jersey with prints." Chia once again incorporated her signature hand knits, this time fitting closer to the body in soft cotton cashmere. A matchpoint print with crossing multicolored ribbon created a perfectly contoured cream dress. The color palette included ink blue, black, white, and mauve with prints spiced up in deeper tones like maroon and bluebell for a mix of city life and aquatic existence.