2007 December 11

J. Mendel - Pre-Fall 2008

J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2008 J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2008
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(NEW YORK) Art Deco and the Chrysler building were the touchpoints for Gilles Mendel's first pre-fall collection at J. Mendel, where the designer's sumptuous furs--Indian broadtail, beige chinchilla, a beaded capelet trimmed in fox--were nicely complemented by a heartier dose of ready-to-wear. Bugle beads were a feature on many of the evening gowns, from a grey chiffon dress with sheer bodice to his signature mousseline dresses. A chiffon and lace peasant gown featured tassles that draped easily from the body, while for the more prim and proper set, fitted bustiers were built into several of the evening offerings.