2008 March 3

Nina Ricci - Paris Fall 2008

Nina Ricci Fall 2008 Nina Ricci Fall 2008
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(PARIS) Roll Call: Dr. Patricia Wexler, Anne Grauso, Glenda Bailey, Linda Wells, Anne Slowey

Chic Report: Olivier Theyskins, currently the heartthrob of Paris show week, was feeling more romantic than usual for fall. Blame it on the Davis/Santo Domingo nuptials? Maybe, but the looks were anything but bridal. Slouchy satin trousers, cut full through the hips, were offset with cropped jackets and demure scarves, as if destined for the luxest safari imaginable. On the evening front, sleek sleeved dresses had presence, especially in satin, as did longish leather jackets with achingly bold shoulders. “Heartbreakingly beautiful,” sighed Elle’s Anne Slowey. “I love the way Olivier thinks about different shapes, like cutaways and wider jackets and pants,” said Allure’s Linda Wells. “He’s such an incredible artist and I feel lucky to go to his show!”