2007 March 1

Stella McCartney - Paris Fall 2007

Stella McCartney Stella McCartney
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(NEW YORK) Fall found Stella in a cozy, playful mood. Unabashedly faux fur trenches were great fun when cut with thick, extravagant swirls, while a one-piece sweater suit festooned with red polar bears sent a kid-on-Christmas tizzy through the audience. Those with more sophisticated sartorial leanings could still find plenty to suit their fancy, with boyfriend cardigans featuring flyaway shoulders and red wool day dresses with buttoned plackets providing chic in bulk. Meanwhile, a hot pink minidress with a pointed sweetheart neckline and ruffled hem was simply irresistible.|page|

"Stella’s always had a great way with knits, and even the jumpsuits—which, for me, I never like a jumpsuit—somehow got that sporty attitude right. It looked hip and young and cleaned up.” —Cindy Weber Cleary, In Style