2008 September 9

Isaac Mizrahi - New York Spring 2009

(NEW YORK) Isaac brought the show back, years later, to his old spot at Hammerstein Ballroom, though the venue was a bit changed. "It feels different because when I used to show here it was before it was built up as a space," he commented. "It was sort of a broken down old place so now its kind of great cause there's a floor and you know, walls." Editors shivered waiting for Mizrahi's fashion show called Swarm, which was accompanied by a string quartet, to begin. He used a play on lights to give the clothes different looks as models walked through first purple then yellow then white lights. The collection was heavily inspired by the metamorphosis of bugs, as most of the clothes were named after animals. Lacy looks were paired with sheers and he wasn't afraid to use the shimmer and shine. Mad Men inspired looks matched the Hitchcock looking coats, while biker stretch shorts peeked out under sheer dresses.