2008 September 5

Angel Sanchez - New York Spring 2009

Angel Sanchez Spring 2009 Angel Sanchez Spring 2009
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(NEW YORK) Angel Sanchez opened the doors to his new 37th Street studio Thursday to clients, friends, press and buyers. “Look how huge my office is,” he said. “I’ve never had that much space. I’ve only been here for six weeks, but I can’t believe I ever went without it.” Lydia Fenet was beaming with pride. “I remember going to his old studio and just trying on clothes in the middle of the room like I was at a friend’s place, and this is just amazing for him.” Amanda Ross, Cece Cord and Ken Downing also stopped by to check out the space and the Spring 2009 collection. Black, white, red and yellow added drama to the season with Sanchez’s sophisticated dose of pleating, fanning and other ornate detail-enhancing looks. Inspired by a 1950s lady of leisure sauntering around Central Park, Sanchez delivered a refreshingly elegant aesthetic. “I wanted people to circulate and see clothing in the process,” said the designer. Sketches sat on work tables and mannequins were scattered throughout in gowns and sheaths, with others hanging on the wall next to the fabric samples. It was a raw and natural way to view an impeccable collection.