2007 September 11

Betsey Johnson - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008

Betsey Johnson Spring 2008 Betsey Johnson Spring 2008
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(NEW YORK) This season the interminably energized Betsey Johnson certainly followed through on her prom theme party, taking her fashion show straight through the decades, beginning in the ‘50s. Polka dots and stripes abounded in mini dresses, bathing suits, and crinoline, while the color palette was like a little girl’s pastel dream. Volume was evident in the extended skirts and extra large bows on the backs and sides of dresses from the later generations, including a white dress with a red bow that extended over almost the whole side of the dress. For the finale, four models dressed in red, white, and blue, lost their sparkly dresses to spell out V-O-T-E and Johnson, true to form, cartwheeled down the runway after a brief stint with her granddaughter. What a prom.