2007 September 9

DKNY - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2008

DKNY Spring 2008 DKNY Spring 2008
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(NEW YORK) For spring, the designer said she was inspired by New York’s buildings and aimed to create fresh and lean clothes-“like a cleansing.” The open venue-the downtown Stephan Weiss Studio-helped bring the city in, and the elongated silhouettes emphasized the waist and the leg although overall the collection was less minimalist and more 1970s hippie chic. The floppy hats that are everywhere this season, platform plastic sandals, headbands, and bell sleeves were mixed with modern elements like bold stripes of orange and green, a beautiful off-white suit with shorts, an androgynous vest and the iconic jumpsuit. The dresses were very feminine-long and sweeping with bare shoulders or short and belted in lip-smacking orange and pink. Karan did crisp suit pieces, a mix of Lauren Hutton casualness and Bianca Jagger glamour very well, and they perfectly fit the brand’s fresh image and the designer’s love for casual, working-girl elegance. It was still the young urbanite trekking through the city landscape, but this season she also ventured into an artist’s studio or her mother’s closet.